Because some state agency Internet filters may block the wellness webinars from being viewed on state computers and mobile devices, the webinars may be viewed on personal computers and mobile devices. After the webinar is hosted live, slide decks are posted in the Recorded Presentations section below. 


Wednesday, March 21 at 12:00 pm: Spice Things Up With Your Fruit & Veggies

Are you overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right foods? Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a daunting task. This webinar will describe the benefits of produce and provide you with easy and cost-effective ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet.     

Wednesday, February 21 at 12:00 pm: Give Your Heart Some Love

Heart health is not only determined by good nutrition and physical activity. Practicing healthy stress reduction and management behaviors is also key in achieving and maintaining optimal heart health. Join us as we discuss the importance of taking care of our heart, including both physical and emotional behaviors. 

Recorded Presentations
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Condition Management

Nutritious Ways to manage diabetes: Click here to view presentation slides.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the prevention of Type II diabetes, as well as the management of Types I and II diabetes. This presentation will illustrate how to make healthy food choices for those with diabetes, and those at-risk of developing Type II diabetes. We will discuss helpful tools for making healthy food choices, such as the Glycemic Index, portion control, and more.

Diabetes: What's Your Risk?
Learn how to prevent the onset of diabetes, methods of early detection, how to manage diabetes, as well as a variety of supports available to assist you.

Living Heart Smart
Why is “Knowing Your Numbers” important to your heart? What is the connection between your screening numbers and heart disease? How can you turn your desire to make positive changes in to ACTION?  Learn the answers to these questions and more through this lifestyle management presentation. You have the power to improve Live Heart Smart!

Put your heart into healthy habits
Give your heart the TLC it needs to be healthy during National Heart Health Month. Learn ways to guard your heart against such issues like heart disease and more.

Top reasons to take your weight to heart
Learn the importance of a healthy weight and how weight loss reduces the progression of heart disease. Review signs and symptoms of heart disease, heart attacks and other cardiovascular events.

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Emotional Health


Be Mindful of Your Family’s Emotional Health

There are many things that can affect the well-being of your family: not just physical activity and good nutrition, but also, emotional health.  Join us to learn about how to recognize common stressors among family members, how these may affect their overall well-being, and ways that you can help to build a healthy and positive environment for your family. 


From burned out to balanced: Undoing the effects of stress
Recognize the warning signs of burnout, reverse the damage of stress, and give you the skills to build up a resiliency to stress.

Managing Stress for More Quality of Life
Explore a variety of techniques that you can use every day to maintain a state of well-being. Come learn how to live in the "Low Zone!"


Family Health

A Healthy Home: Food, Fitness and Fun for the Family
Understand the need for healthy eating and physical activity for children of all ages as well as for parents. Learn how to fit a healthy lifestyle into your family’s schedule, budget and interests.

Rest Assured Tips for Getting a Better Night Sleep
Get the tools to develop better sleep habits by providing you the quick and easy ABCs on getting more rest.


A healthy home is heavily reliant on proper nutrition. This presentation covers the importance of starting healthy eating habits early, and ways to educate and empower the little ones in your life to do the same. Join us as we discuss ways to plan, prepare, and pack healthy foods for you and your family – as well as the resources offered by Take Charge! Live Well! that can help.

Active Family Fun: Click here to view the presentation slides

With the support of those closest to us, making the healthy choice can be an easy choice. Physical activity is important for ourselves, and for family members of all ages, and the benefits of sharing special moments together as a family can be priceless. Join us for a discussion on ways to add more physical activity into your family’s busy schedule.


Eat Smart for a Healthy Weight

Join us for a lively discussion on everyday eating habits that can help you eat smart for a healthy weight.  This session will discuss tips and tricks for nutritious grocery shopping, meal planning and prep, food tracking, and more helpful hints to make the healthy choice the easy choice. 

Fuel Your Workday the Healthy Way
Review basic nutrition information, the importance of eating well while at work, delicious healthy snack ideas and how to modify your menu to make healthy choices while eating out.

Healthy Eating – Making it Work for YOU
Learn how to make consistent, manageable lifestyle changes to your daily nutrition. Topics of discussion include: general nutrition, menu planning, healthy grocery shopping, and healthy cooking techniques and substitutions.


Physical Activity

Find Your Fitness

Too busy to fit exercise into your schedule? Intimidated to start a new fitness routine? Tired of your same old workout? Attend this interactive session where we will find your fitness–discovering the time, motivation and fresh activities to make exercise work for you.

How to Work in a Workout on Busy Days
Finding time to exercise can seem like an impossible task. We can help. We’ll give you tips to help you make the most of your workout in a time crunch, provide easy ways to incorporate physical activity into your day, and help you create SMART goals to stay motivated. Today IS the day that you can make time for your fitness.

Think outside the gym: Tips for working out where you are
This presentation highlights environmental exercise opportunities as well as other tips for exercise outside of the fitness center setting.

Program Guide

A Guide to the Well-Being Connect
This webinar shows you the ins and outs of the new and improved Well-Being Connect website. From completing the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5 Survey to viewing your rewards, everything Well-Being Connect related is covered in this presentation.

How to Complete a Physician Form
Learn how to complete the new online Physician Form.

How to Schedule Your Biometric Screening
This brief webinar offers step-by-step instructions about how to schedule your biometric screening.

 How to Order a Rewards Card                                                                            

This brief webinar offers step-by-step instructions on how to order your rewards cards.

A Guide to the Financial Well-Being Program

A new financial planning program powered by financial expert Dave Ramsey is now available to help you take charge of your finances and reach your financial goal.

Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Program Overview

With a new benefits year, comes a new Take Charge! Live Well! program. This session will cover important changes for the new program in comparison to the previous, as well as important overview information on topics such as incentives, activities, eligibility and more.

Seasonal Well-Being

A Healthy Weight: Small Steps for Lasting Changes: Click here to view webinar slides

New year’s resolutions are here and many are looking to start a new habit or behavior.  Join us as we look at S.M.A.R.T. goal setting and healthy ways to make your changes last.

‘Tis the season to manage holiday stress: Click here to view the presentation slides

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of comfort and joy. However, it can also bring tidings of great stress. This presentation will highlight Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), common holiday stressors, methods to cope and other tips for staying healthy during the holidays.

Season’s Savings! Tips for managing holiday spending stress
This presentation discusses the potential pitfalls of holiday spending, and explains techniques to help you enter the New Year on the right financial foot.

S.M.A.R.T. weight loss: healthy strategies for a healthy New Year
This presentation will explain the basics of healthy weight loss and how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals to help along the way as well as the Take Charge! Live Well! resources that can help keep you well and at your best this year.

Winter-proof your workout: Tips for cold weather motivation

‘Tis the season to get up and move!  With shorter days and colder weather upon us, it can become easy to make excuses about not being physically active, but you don’t have to let the winter months bring you down.  In this session you will learn about the importance of exercise, as well as tips on how to incorporate healthy and safe physical activity into your winter schedule.


Check it Out: Health Information Men Should Know

This presentation covers common conditions that men are predisposed to, screening recommendations, as well as signs and symptoms to be aware of for early detection

Planning for Prevention
Practice healthy lifestyle habits, get to know your family health history and become familiar with your preventive care benefits. Take an active role in managing your health.

Healthy history lessons everyone should know

Have several of your aunts battled breast cancer? Did three of your four grandparents die due to heart complications? Do your siblings have high blood pressure? Do you know the answer to any of these questions? A portion of your overall health is hereditary. It is important to know what your family health history looks like and to understand what it may mean for you. Join this session to learn more about the impact of your family health tree.

Protect Your Future: Simple Strategies to Keep You Healthy - Click here for slides

Even healthy people can get sick sometimes, and spread it to others. Taking proactive steps to preserve good health is very important, for ourselves and for our families. This presentation will discuss the preventive benefits of vaccinations, particularly the flu vaccine. Information on the State of Ohio medical benefits will be highlighted as well.

Tobacco Cessation


Understanding Tobacco Products, Quitting Successfully

While not all tobacco products are created equal, it is important to remember that there is no safe form, or amount of tobacco. This presentation will discuss the various types of tobacco and their different effects on the body, as well as tips and resources to help make a successful quit.

Smoking cessation: Cut tobacco's hidden costs
This presentation strives to inspire tobacco users to quit by illustrating the hidden costs associated with tobacco. Along with new information on tobacco, whether you are a current tobacco user or know someone who is.

Today’s the Day You Can Choose to Live Tobacco-Free!
This presentation covers the dangers of using tobacco, the benefits of living tobacco-free and guidance for kicking the habit, including a variety of resources to assist you through your quit.

Second-hand news: How smoking affects others around you

The dangers of smoking to our personal health and well-being are vast.  However, this habit also poses a threat to the current and future health of those around us.  Join us as we discuss the risks of second-hand smoke, tips for supporting a current tobacco user, and resources available to help.

 Free Yourself from Financial Stress

Tips and resources for managing your money in the new year: The holiday season can make our wallets feel like they have been working overtime. Join us as we discuss ways to catch up from holiday spending and make everyday, smart financial decisions to help with our well-being. This presentation will discuss ways to help create and stick to a budget, as well as simple resources to help along the way.