Biometric Screening

During the biometric screening, a health professional will collect
including height and weight. A sample of your blood will be taken to determine your cholesterol and glucose levels, triglycerides and other factors that can lead to lifestyle-related health complications. The biometric screening does not test for illicit drugs, HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis. The results are not shared with your employer.   


There are two options to complete your biometric screening

  • Attend a biometric screening event at a State of Ohio worksite.

              Click here to access the 2017 Biometric Screening Event Schedule.

  • Have your physician complete a Physician Form.

The Physician Form is a form that your physician can complete with the same biometric information from your test results by simply taking it with you to your next well visit or annual physical exam. By clicking the Physician Form button below you can download and print the form. Be sure to follow all directions on the form. The form should then be downloaded and faxed to the number on the form or mailed to the return address listed. 


Below are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your biometric screening:

  • Fasting (don't eat or drink anything but water nine hours before your appointment time) is required. These fasting tests provide you with the most accurate picture of your current health status.
  • Drink plenty of water, which will make it easier to give a blood sample.
  • Continue taking medication as prescribed the day of your biometric screening.
  • For biometric screening appointments, arrive five minutes early to register and allow about 15 minutes to complete the screening process.
You and your enrolled spouse are eligible to receive a $100 reward if you are enrolled in the state‚Äôs health plans.