Health Coaching


Working with a health coach provides personalized support to help
lower your risks, manage your conditions, and change behaviors. A health coach can help you set and keep you on track to achieve your health goals. Each coaching program will be created and personalized on your unique needs and goals. You may want to work on your weight, level of exercise, quit using tobacco or better manage a health condition. Health coaching gives you the expertise and tools to do that.

Phone Coaching
Employees and spouses may be eligible for phone health coaching based on the results of your biometric screenings and your Well-Being Assessment. State employees and spouses are eligible to participate in the phone coaching program for a $50 per call incentive(up to $200) if they have completed both the Well-Being Assessment and the biometric screening. Dependents other than spouses are eligible to participate in the asthma and diabetes coaching programs, but are not eligible to earn incentives. 
Call Healthways at 866-556-2288 to enroll in phone health coaching.
Your first call with a health coach will require approximately 30 minutes. The health coach will give you a brief overview of how the coaching program works, gather some information about you and your concerns or areas you would like to work on. This discussion will also include a general assessment of your current health. Then you and the coach will set some goals and a plan for follow up. In each additional coaching session, progress toward those goals and a check of your health will occur. These additional sessions will take about 10 to 15 minutes.