Gallop-Healthways Well-Being 5 Survey

Beginning July 17, you can take your Gallop-Healthways Well-Being 5TM Survey

The Gallop-Healthways Well-Being 5 Survey (formerly known as the Well-Being Assessment) is a confidential questionnaire that evaluates your overall well-being. This survey gathers information about all the factors that influence your well-being, including physical, emotional and financial health and social connectivity. The answers you provide will not be shared with your employer. Please respond to the questions as candidly as possible to ensure your results accurately reflect your well-being. Completing the survey takes approximately 12-15 minutes. 

You and your enrolled spouse are eligible to receive a $50 incentive if you are enrolled in one of the state‚Äôs health plans and complete the Well-Being 5 survey. While the survey is available throughout the year, It is recommended to complete the survey starting July 17, Click on the button below to take your Well-Being 5 Survey.




After completing the Well-Being 5 Survey, you could create a personalized summary of your overall well-being that offers actionable steps you can take to improve well-being. Each plan is specific to you with recommendations and focus areas to keep you motivated and on track.